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The Performing Arts Summer Camps 2023

We follow the Covid19 safety safety guidelines of Napa County.

Why Performing Arts Camps? 

Students of all ages can benefit from performance arts can benefit from performance art training. From improvement to literature comprehension to confidence building and public speaking development, training in the theatre arts can give your child an advantage in personal and educational growth!

Scholarships are available on a case by case basis. We will  be accepting inquiries via EMAIL

Dive Into Disney 
Ages 9-17

Sign Up Before 4/16 For Discounted Registration!

To kick off our Summer Performing Arts Camp, we will be doing a deep dive into Disneys greatest broadway hits. From costume design, to sets to the musical magic.


We will take students on a journey starting in 1994, with Disneys first smash hit musical The Beauty And The Beast, and taking them through classical favorites such as The Lion King and Aladdin, and ending with the modern hits like High School Musical and Frozen .

Throughout this session student will learn introductory level vocal technique with our academy's newest teaching artist and vocal coach, choreography, stretching and movement and the fundamentals of acting. This course is a beginner to intermediate level class that will end in a musical revue and scene work presentations for parents friends and family members.

Dive Into Disney MINI SESSION

Ages 6-8

This will be a half day camp for children Ages 6-8. These students will take part in our group numbers for our camp showcase songs. Students will learn the basics of  choreography, play games, design props and learn introductory theatre vocabulary and skills.

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Once Upon a Time
Ages 9 - 17

Sign Up Before 4/16 For Discounted Registration!

For our wonderful second summer session, we will pose the questions: What are the fundamentals of fairytales? What do our students want to see in a modern fairy tale? How can we tell a classic story using ingenuity and devise our own scripts an produce the stories we feel need to be told?What does it take to tell a story?


Students will build on their knowledge of storytelling structure, the art of stage craft and ethics to collaboratively produce a play. We will take students on a journey to learn about some of the greatest theatrical productions such as Romeo and Juliet, Little Women, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and more!

This course will empower students to develop theatre literacy and utilize their imaginations and knowledge to articulate details and plot points to create several short theatrical stories. This course will combine the CA state standards to teach children to devise guided theatrical experiences, propose set/scenic and costume design, and learn the intermediate script analysis. This course will also give students the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of devising work, all the roles of theatre production and develop ideas for front of house and marketing.  


Let's Move!
Ages 9 - 17

ign Up Before 4/16 For Discounted Registration!

Let's Move! Is a movement focused course in which students will learn the basics of choreography, stage combat and blocking to create dazzling moments on the stage. We will teach students the 5 main rules of stage combat, the basic principles of movement, and how to make big choices on the stage!

Students will learn about some of the most iconic dance moments in musicals, learn from a certified stage combat instructor how to stage an epic sword battle and how to make confident movement decisions for their characters! This session will be great for all mover and groovers no matter their level of dance experience!


This session will end in a showcase of our skills through dance performances to music,  spoken word and a mini showcase of stage combat skills. 


Ace The Audition!
Ages 11-17

Sign Up Before 4/16 For Discounted Registration!

This class is all about how to ace the audition! This is a great course for students looking to strengthen their arts program audition pieces or f looking to grow more confident in their audition skills for class/after school programs. Students will memorize and block 2  monologues, learn 16 bars of a song in their range which they will work on with our academy vocal coach and practice putting movement and choreography together to help get them ready for whatever comes their way!


This class will allow students to gain more confidence in public speaking, diction, projection and character development. Students  will have time to work on strong character choices and learn intermediate to advanced theatrical techniques such as the Meisner method, Stanislavski Method, Practical Aesthetics and more! 

Students will perform their pieces in a showcase at the end of the session. 

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