"Writing for Stage and Screen"


Barry Martin

About the Instructor: 

Barry Martin wrote his first play for the stage in 7 th grade and in years to follow has
been writing, producing, directing and performing on stage and on the air. He has
written more than a dozen short plays, one-acts, and full-length plays. Three of his
short plays have been chosen for production through blind submission processes.
He wrote the book for an original musical, “I Wanna Be Bad” and a full length
farce “The Tasting Room.” Both shows were hits for Lucky Penny Productions,
the Napa-based theatre company he co-founded in 2009.


March 16 - May 2

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Via Zoom


This 8-week online class via Zoom provides you the time and feedback to learn and develop fundamentals of playwriting. Each weekly session is 90 minutes and  each student will develop a “10-minute” play during the course.


What’s the difference between writing a novel or short story and writing a play or screenplay? Is a ten-minute play really a play or is it a scene? What’s the difference between a scene, a sketch, a skit and a play? Are plays written using formulas? Why do some plays get produced and others don’t? (and much more).
Weeks one and two will lay out and discuss basics – things aspiring writers for the stage should know. Weeks 3-7 provide time for each writer to read (or hear read) their work to date and receive feedback from the instructor and classmates. The
final session will feature a reading of all the completed 10 minute plays.

Open to all interested writers regardless of experience. Maximum of 10 writers per


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