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Health and Safety Protocols

The wellness of our students and staff is our ultimate priority. We have prepared protocols based on the guidelines by the Napa County Public Health Department.   Here is what you can expect:

Covid Health and Safety Protocols & Covid Tuition Policies

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Frequent Cleaning
Cleaning and disinfecting all the spaces at Lucky Penny Community Arts Center, will be maintained before, during and after classes and camps.

Face Masks

Students should have their own face mask with them. They can wear the mask at their comfort level; however, staff will mandate wearing the mask to be worn in when it is necessary for the health and safety of all due to social distancing parameters.

Hand Sanitizing
Hand sanitizer will be available and sanitizing of hands will be done after every activity rotation.

Purifying Air Systems

Our Airocide Filtration Systems run 24/7 in the lobby and theater space. 

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